10 Designers of the future

Cecilie Moi Sindum

Cecilie is a well established designer in Norway, creating great commercial successes with the Sentimento and Basic glass series, numerous custom designed products for leading companies in Norway and her own promising design studio in Denmark, set up with her business partner Manolo Folcarelli. She has worked as a designer for 15 years and has a wide ranging experience from product, retail, lighting and interior design to artistic decoration and creating architectural building elements in glass.




Victoria Günzler and Sara Wright Polmar established their studio in 2011 after studying Furniture Design and Interior Architecture together at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Victoria and Sara are also two of the three initiators of ‘Klubben’, the ‘Norwegian Designers Union’, whose goal is to promote new Norwegian designers and their work, increasing collaboration and a sense of community between young designers. Nature and craft techniques are Victoria’s main sources of inspiration, while Sara emphasizes playfulness and elegance in her process.



Hunting & Narud

After years spent working independently as designers across bespoke furniture, product, interior and exhibition design, and meeting at endless international events, Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud ocially joined forces professionally in 2012. Amy and Oscar are both half British, half Norwegian, and have lived and worked in London for much of the last decade. Not only do they have a stunning collection of products in the show, but will, for a second year running, design the interior of the exhibition space itself as well.

As a design duo, their process begins with exploring a curiosity, be it for a material, a function or a human behaviour. One of their great strengths comes from their distinctly dierent approaches to design, where Amy is keen to explore and create new value from diverse resources, Oscar focuses on functionality, and believes that the construction of a piece.




Ida Noemi & Caroline Olsson

Ida and Caroline met at the 100% Norway exhibition in 2011, where they were both showing independently, and we are now thrilled to exhibit their “rst collaborative product as part of the tenth anniversary show. Both successful designers in their own right, Caroline founded her own company during her studies and has displayed her products all over the world, also winning the ELLE Deco Norway “Young Designer of 2011”. Ida is a freelance designer based in Oslo, with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.


www.idanoemi.no + www.carolineolsson.no

Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine made her international debut as a designer in 2010, with prototypes including her widely noted tablecloth Underfull. She now runs her own design studio in Oslo. Unlike other designers who start with a sketch, Kristine works out her ideas with her hands using clay, paper and cardboard. The materials, surfaces and sizes of her objects relate to the size of her hand. With her designs, Kristine aims to add beauty to the rituals of everyday living.



Kristine Five Melvær

Kristine investigates communicative elements in her design work, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. Her pieces focus on the potential of objects to communicate stories, helping to create emotional bonds between object and user. This year Kristine will exhibit four remarkably different products, all with different functions, using a broad range of materials.



Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland established his company Beller Design in 2011 while he was a student at Bergen National Acadamy of the Arts, from where he graduated in 2012. His work often oers alternative ways of thinking about sustainable design, initiating his processes by thoroughly investigating material properties and seeking new and unexpected combinations from them.



Philipp Von Hase

Philipp was born and raised in Hanover, and for the last few years he has been studying at the Bergen Academy of Art & Design. While there he has embraced every element of Norwegian life and culture.


Strek Collective

Strek Collective is a creative studio established by four Norwegian designers who met during their studies in Oslo and after five years of working together as a collective of independent designers, launched Strek in its own right. With every product they make, they aim to create meaningful experiences and useful relationships between the product and user. In the majority of their work they use natural materials.



Sverre Uhnger

Sverre has exhibited his work across Scandinavia and in 2011 started ‘Klubben’, the ‘Norwegian Designers Union’, with Sara Polmar and Victoria Günzler. His personal work is driven by a need to resolve a specific problem, and he believes that design is about solving a desired task in the most resourceful way, thus the use of materials and techniques varying from project to project. Fabric sponsored by GU.