Hedda Torgersen

Now in her final year of a master’s in interior architecture and furniture design at the Bergen Academy, Hedda’s work is centred on the idea that the user’s own interaction with an object shapes its design expression. Her pieces are designed to encourage participation, which fosters a personal relationship with the object, thus extending its longevity.

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Hedda’s cheeky desk lamp is both a versatile lighting apparatus and a playfully anthropomorphic expression of character, designed to fulfill a practical purpose, while triggering the imagination and emotions of the user. BOO’s curious ‘head’, which can be made either in porcelain or Corian, and the ash-wood legs are adjustable – allowing the user to play a role in shaping the character. Hedda’s holistic approach to design ensures that the lamp’s touch points are as tactile as possible; the sanded matte finish on the lampshade creates a smooth, skin-like texture, and the switch – so often hidden or anonymised on other lamps – is given prominence as a distinct and crucial feature – after all, it’s what brings BOO to life.

With legs that fold flat and a shade that can rotate 360 degrees, BOO can be packed flat and, with no mounting necessary, is ready to use straight out of the box.