100% Norway 2013 LAUNCH

It's our tenth anniversary and our doors are open! Come down and visit us at the Dray Walk Gallery in Shoreditch until Sunday 22 September to meet the designers, see their beautiful products and catch a view of the Norwegian SUN. We've made another short film to give you a taste of what you can expect...

Hunting & Narud

The design duo Hunting & Narud are, for a second year running, designing the 100% Norway exhibition space. They are also showcasing their new Copper Mirror Series. Here we meet Amy and Oscar at their studio and workshop in Stoke Newington to discover more about their individual approaches to design and how they work together as a couple.


Defining Norwegian Design

What is Norwegian design? Investigating national stereotypes and questioning what being a designer means on the world stage today, we meet a handful of designers involved in this years 100% Norway show, and chat with our curators Henrietta Thompson and Benedicte Sunde.



For decades Peter Opsvik, one of Norway's most established product designers, has sought to inspire people to new, more dynamic ways of sitting. Relative newcomer to the design scene, Lars Beller seeks alternative ways of thinking about sustainable design, initiating his processes by thoroughly investigating material properties and new and unexpected combinations from them. Here we film these talented designers as they discuss their personal design philosophies and what drives them.



2 curators 2 cities


To celebrate our 10th anniversary we've created a small series of films to present our brand new theme for the 2013 show and to introduce you to a handful of our designers. We kick off the series with our fabulous co-curators Henrietta Thompson and Benedicte Sunde who tell us more about their curation process and what's coming up.