Angell Wyller Aarseth

Oslo-based design collective Angell, Wyller & Aarseth comprises Christoffer Angell, Øyvind Wyller and Simen Aarseth, all design graduates of Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Together, they work to bring intuitive new functions and features to familiar objects, focusing on the moment of interaction between the user and the item. Their work has brought them several awards, including Bo Bedre’s ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in 2001.

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Combining a nest-like cosiness to a solid structure, Nest is a modest and friendly chair, named for the cushions, which hang over the arms like saddles, and which feature useful pockets for TV remotes, newspapers or tablets. By separating the wooden elements from the upholstery, the chair expresses the notion of rigid construction underpinning softness and comfort.

Manufactured by Slåke as