Camilla Akersveen

Camilla graduated with a master’s degree in interior architecture and furniture design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2014. Using her master’s thesis to design products that stimulate the development of the daily rituals surrounding food. As a designer she aspires to create products that are both playful and esthetic, while also being multifunctional and used in daily life. Camilla usually produces her own prototypes in order to better understand the production processes and how the design communicates with the materials.

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The Mindful Eating series by Camilla Akersveen is designed in order to enhance the sensory experiences of food. By using surprising, playful and social aspect the products strive to create an individual emotional bond with the user. For instance by including insulation in the porcelain tableware the user can comfortably sense the warmth of the content and thereby feel closer to it. Her glass products are produced by Magnor Glassverk.