Gard flydal rorgemoen

Having studied Fine Arts at Steiner Waldorf School in Oslo and Fashion Management in New York, Gard is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Focusing on designing products and furniture, Gard brings a diverse spectrum of influences to his aesthetic approach, including elements of modern architecture, minimalism, human anatomy and Scandinavian landscapes.

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Aiming to create a simple, aesthetically pure object which was both inexpensive to produce and able to be manufactured in a variety of sizes (allowing it to function equally well in homes, offices or public spaces such as restaurants), Gard has designed a stool that demonstrates fluidity of movement and which takes the lines of its constituent birch wood as its primary visual focus. Delicate and minimalist, Bøy carries a strong suggestion of the natural environment in which Norway’s birch trees are found.