Scandinavian minimalism
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Scandinavian minimalism – 11 steps to minimalist perfection

Scandinavian minimalism has taken the world by storm and it is not difficult to understand why. The style is both simple, harmonious, and timeless. Create the timeless elegance of Scandinavian minimalism with a few genius design tips. Start with natural materials for your walls and floors, then choose furnishings in cool tones that feature gentle shapes and curves – this helps to create a serene atmosphere full of warmth. Let plenty of natural light flow through into every room – it will add brightness as well as life.

Scandinavian minimalism

Scandinavian minimalism – a design philosophy that prioritizes purpose and embraces the concept of “less is more.” While it may seem challenging to achieve, we’ve curated a collection of expert tips that will guide you towards mastering this timeless style. Get ready to reign in the clutter and create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

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11 steps to a minimalist style that lasts

1. Think through how you want it. Write down why you want a more minimalist style, it makes it easier to keep your motivation up when it gets toughest. Maybe it’s about making it easier to clean, or maybe it’s just a peace and harmony in the home that is most important to you.

2. Gather inspiration.  Browse great magazines or google inspiration online. Think about how you want it in each room. Try to put a piece of furniture, paint or an ornament in focus for each room. Reading tips:  Create a moodboard – gather decor and inspiration in one place.

3. Create a neutral base. Repaint if necessary. It’s so nice to start with the hardest part first. For a Scandinavian minimalism style, it is good to focus on a base color – preferably in white or gray tones. If you want to use another color, feel free to choose solid colors that are gentle to look at and that go well with neutral colors, such as petrol blue and rust red.

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Invest in stylish storage. A good start when you furnish a room is to think about good storage and invest in storage boxes and shelving systems that house all the gadgets that still circulate in your life. Doors are the superhero of Scandinavian minimalism, but an open shelf that exposes your carefully selected items can be what gives the room a soul.

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5. Focus on quality over quantity. Since the goal is to have as few things as possible, it becomes extra important to choose the right things. You need to think about every little detail that you bring into the room. Your goal is to create a space where everyone wants to be, and then it is important to really invest in quality. Invest in timeless classics with strong form and try to stand over impulse buying. If you are going to buy something new, do not be afraid of second-hand purchases with patina – it is beautiful, stylish and also so much better for the environment.

6. Keep it simple. Think clean lines, open surfaces and stylish elegance. Take out a large cardboard box and clean away all the small items that are in front of kitchen counters, hall desks, desks, bedside tables. Be critical of this also applies to your old bills, car keys, sunglasses, makeup, hygiene items and ornaments. Do not forget the bookshelf – donate all the books that you will not read again.

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7. Decorate with green plants. The minimalist aesthetic follows the principle “less is more”. Plants create a natural color shift in an otherwise neutral home and help keep the air clean – in addition, they help make your home feel much more inviting. Invest in fewer, but larger and more mammoth plants that radiate life and at the same time keep the room stylish.

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8. Photograph your home. By photographing your home from different angles, you see more clearly how other people experience it. Photograph from different heights to get a better overall picture. Maybe fifteen outerwear in the hall looks a little too unclean anyway? And everything that is on top of the desk may actually be in a drawer.

9. Use different textures in nearby tones.  A Scandinavian minimalism style can easily feel bare and dull if you do not mix it with different textures and organic materials. A combination of waffled cotton rugs, velvet pillows, natural-colored wood and brown leather can do wonders for that extra cozy (but still stylish!) Last touch.

10. Let the light flow. Neutral tones and thin, white curtains from floor to ceiling let in natural light and let the room breathe. By supplementing with several light sources in each room, a feeling of space is created – at the same time as it makes the room much more atmospheric.

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11. Start living by the “one in, one out” philosophy. It’s scary how much you can manage to accumulate over the years. Now it’s important to stick to the minimalist style you’ve been able to achieve lately. It is best if you always think about what the new thing fills for function and what thing it can replace in your home. Easier said than done, but definitely worth a try.

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Good work! Light a candle, crawl up on the sofa and enjoy a good cup of tea. Now you have minimalist style that will last for years, at least.