Scandinavian painted furniture
Scandinavian Furniture

Painted Scandinavian Furniture – The best tips that won’t break the bank

Painted Scandinavian furniture are a global favorite because of their calm aura. That is to say, blending with clean-lined minimalism, contemporary structures, and neutral accents. Painted Scandinavian furniture has got everyone drooling. This is where painted Scandinavian furniture got its roots from. And if you are someone who loves to experiment with different styles when it comes to home décor, then this guide to painted Scandinavian furniture is sure to elevate your design sense with an appealing twist.

To get started, we have rounded up 5 Scandinavian inspired color accents that you should go for when getting started with your home décor DIY project, followed by a comprehensive DIY guide to achieve your own beautiful painted Scandinavian furniture. And later in the article, we will also share with you some of the best painted Scandinavian furniture picks across all budgets and styles.

Scandinavian Colour Accents for Home Decor

Accent color green

Green is an intense color, but it blends seamlessly with any ambience. Either as a houseplant or digital prints on cushions, curtains, wallpaper, or posters. In addition to this, the calming effect of the green is also due to the fact that our eyes perceive green as an almost natural component of our environment. That is to say; this color has been perceived as balancing and friendly. Especially in the country house style, green qualifies as a perfect player in the living area.

Accent color turquoise – Painted Scandinavian Furniture

Turquoise is a fine blend of cool blue and green, and thus, is a perfect shade to balance vibrancy. IT sports and incredibly modern and fresh vibe, brimming the room with an element of luxury. For furniture in country house style and antiques, turquoise is a great partner, helping to create a very modern ambience. Moreover, turquoise can also be used on outdoor furniture and cushions, setting off a welcoming feel for the seating area.

Accent color yellow – Painted Scandinavian Furniture

Depending on the intensity and mix, yellow refreshes an ambience properly. Clear sun yellow looks very modern, a touch of ocher, on the other hand, underlines the country house note of an interior. Dark tones in the area make a yellow shine. This accent color is a great way to draw attention to an ensemble or a unique piece of furniture or beautiful home accessories.

An ensemble like an old still life: light wood in a trio with ocher and green. A very warm combination that emphasizes the country house style.

Accent color blue and greige – a mix of grey and beige

Dark greige underlines the earthy note of an interior and contributes to the warm feeling of living, blue works like a splash of water: visually cools and refreshes the interior. Both tones together make a beautiful color team for any modern country style.

Dark blue on the bench and the carpet and the wall painted in greige: colors that go well in the Scandinavian ambience.

Accent color rose – Painted Scandinavian Furniture

Pink tones are mostly associated with a very feminine ambience; they can make a room look unintentionally sweet. That changes when cool grey is brought into play – the interior immediately takes on a grown-up touch. The balance is essential: As a mere nuance, pink hues can also simply freshen up a grey environment.

Painted Scandinavian Furniture – DIY Project

This 6-step guide to painting your own Scandinavian furniture details everything you need to know before initiating your DIY project.

1. Preparing the DIY-Kit

 To get started with your Scandinavian project, you must gather all the needed equipment and accessories.  Apart from the furniture piece you wish to transform, there are two crucial purchases that you will have to invest in. One is a good quality paint primer and the other being an angle brush.

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2. Sanding the furniture

 If you wish to transform your furniture into a bespoke piece to admire, sanding is the key. That is to say, be sure to start your DIY project with sanding the furniture first using either sandpaper sheets or you can make a one-time investment and get an orbital sander. Secondly, when sanding, you must lightly roughen up the surface, but not gouge it.

3. Prime the surface

Priming furniture surfaces is the best practice as it prevents stains from resurfacing over the new paint strokes. For best results use Zinsser Odorless Stain Blocker or Zinsser Bulls Eyes 1-2-3 Primer. Furthermore, make use of a mini foam roller when applying a primer. And in case there are any hard-to-reach areas, a foam brush will do the job.

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4. Apply a glaze coat

Once you have primed the rustic surface well and it has thoroughly dried, it’s time to apply a base coat for a more translucent finish. To give your Scandinavian painted furniture a rich color finish, use a latex glaze that easily blends in with paints and colorants.

5. Time to Paint

To paint, pick the accent color scheme from your favorite mood boards and lightly stroke with an angled brush.

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6. Add a layer of protection

The final step is to apply a soft coat of Polyacrylic Protective Finish. And allow 72 hours for it to dry completely or else it might get sticky and you would end up messing up the surface.

Painted Scandinavian Furniture to Buy

If you are planning to treat your house to a Nordic interior makeover, then here’s a swoon-worthy list of painted Scandinavian furniture for you to take inspiration from,

  1. Scandinavian Brown/White Mediva Console Brown/White Media Console

Sporting a rustic arrangement of pine wood planks, this media console qualifies as a chic accent piece to decorate any room. Apart from the versatile design, the console is designed with plenty of space, allowing you to keep your entertainment space free of clutter. Moreover, the neutral color palette contributes to the room’s synergy, setting off the right tone for visual interest.

     2. Scandinavian Style Accent Coffee Chair

Accent Coffee Chair

This modern coffee chair broken down to most the basic of its elements, is a well-suited pick for indoors. The padded seat made out of high-quality velvet in pink keeps the chair ventilated. Complement these contemporary accent chairs with a white round table and achieve a Scandinavian style with an effortless affair.

    3. Scandinavian Wood Accent Sideboard

teal blue painted Scandinavian furniture

Sideboards add sophistication with style to any living space. This 32-inch teal blue sideboard is a classic pick when it comes to adding a pop of color to a neutral theme. Made of solid wood and high-grade MDF this accent console is painted for a classic look. In addition to this, it also features an adjustable shelf to arrange your favorite décor accessories.

     4. Modern Round Coffee Accent Table

Minimalistic Marble Coffee Table

Inspired by the modern mid-century style aesthetics, this coffee table will pull together a minimalistic vibe for your space. The chic flair of marble accents and a slight touch of sleek metal legs embrace warm luxury. Thus, making this Scandinavian coffee table a stylish choice to satisfy a unique taste.

5. Scandinavian 2-Door 2-Drawer Rustic White Console

Painted Scandinavian Furniture

This rustic 2 door console is home to a distressed antique look that is old school but is sure to adorn your home with an added character. Moreover, the layered antique finish resonates with the Scandinavian elements of design. And the abundant space inside is undoubtedly a treat for those who love a clutter-free space.