Things to do in Lofoten this summer

Best things to do in Lofoten this summer

Things to do in Lofoten this summer. Lofoten and Vesterålen have gotten acknowledgment from various tourism publications, papers and sites as of late – and afterward named one of the world’s 50 best sea shores by renowned flight systems. For the best tourist attractions, take a look at our 7 favourite attractions in Lofoten

Lofoten is one of the most lovely in all of Norway with regards to nature and wonderful sensational mountain tops. The number of hidden gems lofoten has to offer is endless here, from exercises, to the nature and sights lasting through the year, however what would it be advisable for you to truly organize? We give you the tips for the best things to do in lofoten this summer.

Lofoten rocky coastline

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In the mid year, the things to do in Lofoten are extremely occupied with travelers and run of the mill guided visits, we along these lines suggest that you take the visit in the fall. Except if you thought it was energizing with tempests and tempests, we suggest not standing by too long either, on the grounds that as October draws near, winter comes rapidly in northern Norway. August and September, then again, are acceptable months to be in the north of the nation. Lofoten is associated with the territory by means of the Lofoten terrain association, likewise called LOFAST. It is around 150 kilometers with terrain association, and afterward you drive the E10 from Gullesfjordbotnen in Vesterålen to Ballstad.

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As we referenced further up, there is an ocean of ​​things to do in Lofoten this summer. You can visit the Viking Historical center, the War Exhibition hall, displays and aquariums, and exercises, for example, mountain climbs, plunging, horseback riding, fishing trips, ocean boating and not least island bouncing.

Things to do in Lofoten this summer

Things to do in Lofoten this summer: Viking Gallery

At Borg in Lofoten, you can encounter the Viking Age in a living gallery. Here you can smell tar and pit fires, taste the food and hear the story. One of the most popular things to do in Lofoten this summer.

In 1983, the archeological examinations started, and in the years 1986-1989, an entire arrangement of unearthings were made at Borg in Lofoten. These uncovered an entire arrangement of stays from the longest structure found from the Viking Age.

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Things to do in Lofoten this summer: war Exhibition hall

Lofoten War Gallery has Norway’s biggest presentation of regalia and little articles from World War II. The presentation mirrors the time 1940-45, and in this way contains a great deal of dramatization, mortification and fierceness. Yet, in a few spots we additionally find sacrificial penance and relentlessness. A unique take on things to do in Lofoten this summer.

It is an affiliation that works with the edification work around World War II connected to the one that happened locally in Lofoten and northern Norway that has begun the historical center, and here you can truly get an impression of what life resembled during that time.


Red tall building from ground view

Did you realize that Lofoten has many specialists who live in the archipelago? Through the numerous displays you can discover on the outing to the tip, you can join an energizing excursion through Lofoten where the delight is appeared through pictures and sculptural workmanship.

There are displays and shows in abundance, and in the event that you are fortunate you can likewise discover craftsmen in certain spots during the time spent planning their work. We guarantee that you will have an astounding disclosure, and possibly Lofoten shrouds treasures you need to bring home with you.


The climbing trails in Lofoten offer you flexible action and amazingly delightful nature encounters in a changed and energizing landscape. You can discover both stamped and plain courses, wonderful climbs and testing highest point climbs. Here are some unique visit proposals that might be useful:

Things to do in Lofoten this summer – Vågan

Elective 1: On Gimsøya it is a pleasant excursion to go up on Hoven. Start at Hov. Contingent upon the shape, one needs from one half to an entire hour up.

Elective 2: Drive toward Henningsvær and stop not long before the street filling in Djupfjorden. Follow the way inwards along the fjord, etc along a lake. Untainted washing sea shore at the base of the water. Ascertain a little more than an hour into the sea shore.

Elective 3: Take the E10 at Esso gas station in Osan, Svolvær. Take the second street on the left and follow the rock street towards the gun run. In the turn before the radio pole, turn right and follow the way steeply up to Tjeldbergtind. Marginally requesting trip in steep landscape. About. 1.5-2 hours full circle from the corner store.

Things to do in Lofoten this summer – Vestvågøy

Elective 1: From Ballstad you start from Kræmmervika/the dock and follow the way along the shore to Vestvågøy’s southern tip: Brurstolen. Ascertain approx. 1 hour hit. At that point you can proceed with further inland along Napp-Straumen, to the old house establishments at Sør-Græna and Nord-Græna. Here you need to ascertain 2 hours. Same route back.

Elective 2: From Eggum you start from the “château” on Eggum and follow the street which in the long run transforms into a way to the beacon. Ascertain approx. 1.5 hour hit. This zone is particularly decent for encountering the 12 PM sun.

Choice 3: Stamsundheia. From Ringveien you follow this street – approx. 400 meters – and turn directly at the sign that shows the way further. Follow the way towards Ørntuva and up to the head of Heia, which has an incredible perspective on Lofoten and the Westfjord. Simple and all around checked path, and it takes approx. 1.5 hours to go to the top.

Things to do in Lofoten this summer – Flakstad

Elective 1: Another alternative, yet somewhat more requesting, is to stroll from Torsfjorden and over to Kvalvika outwardly (approx. 1 hour every way).

Elective 2: From Napp there is a comfortable old way along Nappstraumen to Andopen. Compute approx. 1 hour every way.

Elective 3: 300 meters south old fashioned in Nusfjord begins a monitored trail that goes to Nesland. This is an all the more requesting trip that takes approx. 4 hours to and fro. About. 200 meters before Østre Nesland you can see a few huge potholes close to the shore. On Nesland is Lofoten’s just watermill.

Things to do in Lofoten this summer

Things to do in Lofoten this summer

Things to do in Lofoten this summer – Moskenes

Elective 1: From Sørvågen, chase after the light path Sørvågvannet. This is a comfortable outing that takes approx. 60 minutes. Don’t hesitate to take a turn up Studalen in the event that you need a somewhat longer outing.

Elective 2: From Ramsvika you can stroll to Reinebringen to the perspective. This is a plain path in extremely steep landscape with free stone, so it tends to be tricky. Be cautious! The visit takes approx. 2 hours full circle.

Elective 3: From Reine, a fjord course takes in to Vindstad. Follow the street from Vindstad to the base of the fjord and afterward over a little property (approx. 75 masl) and down to Bunes. A remarkable sandy sea shore merits the exertion! The entire excursion takes approx. 4 hours, including vessel. It is conceivable to be dropped off by the pontoon in Forsfjord. From that point it is conceivable to go to both Hermanndals-tind, Munkebu and Sørvågen.

Things to do in Lofoten this summer – Værøy

Elective 1: An overall quite undemanding outing is to follow the black-top street past the school to the furthest limit of the street in Marka. From here you proceed through a rock rooftop and further into the lovely Sørlandshagen. Here there are a few path to browse, yet all in the long run lead out to Nupsneset. It takes approx. 1 hour from the beginning of the rock rooftop. A smart thought to follow the shore back – there is an awesome stone spring at the base of the narrows.

Elective 2: Another, however unquestionably all the more requesting trip, is the excursion from Nordlandshagen to Måstad. The path is stamped and with great footwear and a little perseverance, it is a fabulous encounter! One should tally 2-3 hours every path at a relaxed pace. Know that the path can be elusive in moist climate.

Things to do in Lofoten this summer – Rost

At Røst, there are three elective climbing trails relying upon how great you are at strolling. The path are set apart with hues.

Alternative 1: Yellow path is the most brief – about 0.5 kilometers. The visit goes to the old church which is a stone church ruin from 1835. The congregation was blessed on May 5, 1839 by Cleric Kierschow. It is said to have obliged 110 individuals, yet had just 78 seats. The ensemble and sacristy were included and sanctified in 1883. More data about the congregation can be found on the data board by the congregation.

Elective 2: Blue path is about 1.5 kilometers and goes to Ånnhammeren. With its whole 10 m above ocean level, Ånnhammeren turns into a characteristic milestone and post point on Røst. There is no clarification to propose this has been a spot for spirits. No doubt, the name originates from the word bird.

Riding visits

At Hov you can take an interest in a guided riding visit on Icelandic ponies, and both shorter and longer visits are advertised. You can ride along chalk-white sandy sea shores, Viking streets and mountains, the visits are intended for the two apprentices and experienced riders.

These riding offers are substantial lasting through the year, yet in the event that you use them now you will see Northern Norway at its generally excellent. You can obtain shoes, head protectors and straightforward outerwear at the inside.

Fishing trips

Things to do in Lofoten this summer fishing village

With the many Lofoten islands, guided fishing trip in Lofoten has gotten mainstream, and can be one of the most enjoyable things to do in Lofoten this summer. With a few neighborhood anglers who are glad to take you out traveling in your own fishing vessel. Numerous sightseers want to do this, as they carry with them a gifted pontoon driver who knows the ocean and not least the best fishing spots. Or check out the amazing fishing musuem for a history like no other.

Lofoten rorbu encounters take individuals on guided fishing trips in Lofoten to arrange. The captains are nearby anglers with a great deal of information about the calling and will give this is an encounter you will recall. In the event that you are searching for an incredible and exciting fishing trip, we suggest that you connect with Lofoten rorbu encounters.


Would you like to see the Trollfjord, and find out about the Trollfjord group? Or on the other hand would you like to get a glance at the strong ocean falcon? The potential outcomes are many, and the encounters are extraordinary in the event that you decide to join an ocean ​​safari .


Here you can encounter one of Norway’s most terrific fjords with high mountains that dive straight into the ocean. Trollfjorden is a thin fjord arm in Raftsundet that cuts right around 3 kilometers into the scene, and it is just 100 meters wide at its tightest. You can encounter the fjord with rib pontoons, kayaks or boats, here there is something for everybody.

Title: Things to do in Lofoten this summer.

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