Scandinavian Christmas Decoration Wreath

10 Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time where everyone wants their home to look their best. Scandinavian Christmas decorations are all the rage right now, and with good reason. They’re simple, stylish, and affordable. Plus, they add a touch of winter magic to any home. So if you’re looking for some festive inspiration, read on for 10 of our favourite Scandinavian Christmas decorations. Happy decorating!

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Scandinavian Christmas decorations spread out on table

  1. Wooden Advent Calendar
  2. Tomte Elf Block Calendar
  3. Wooden Christmas Tree
  4. Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Gnome Ornaments
  5. Paper Stars
  6. Snowy Wreath
  7. Artificial Mini Christmas Trees
  8. Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Garland
  9. Knitted Christmas Stockings
  10. Wooden Log Tea Light Holder

Wooden Advent Calendar

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A Scandinavian Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without a wooden advent calendar. Not only is it a beautiful and festive decoration, but it’s also reusable so you can enjoy it year after year. Advent calendars originated in Germany, created as a way to count down the days until Christmas. Now they have developed into many variations, but the Scandinavian version is our favourite as it gives you the control over what each door reveals.

Whether it’s a special treat or message, the anticipation will build as you get closer to Christmas Day. Deuba has some great, well made Scandinavian Christmas decorations and calendars. Our pick is this simple yet gorgeous pyramid style, but do check out some of their other variations. Whichever you choose it is sure to add a touch of Scandinavian style and a lot of fun to your Christmas.

Tomte Elf Block Calendar

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Sticking with the calendar theme, one thing that will tie any Scandinavian Christmas Décor together is a wooden calendar block that sports your very own tomte on top. According to tradition, each home has its own tomte responsible for safeguarding the home and its inhabitants, and are particularly active during the Christmas season. This block from ANPHSIN comes with 4 blocks so you can show the day in another location. Each day in December, you rotate the blocks to display the new day with your tomte looking after your home. A very traditional and functional Scandinavian Christmas decoration for any Scandi Christmas vibe.

Wooden Hanging Wall Christmas Tree

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Decorating your home for Christmas must start with the tree. One of the key principles for Scandinavian Christmas decorations is that they are simple, elegant and stylish, so why not do the same with you tree this year? For a chic and minimalist look, try this hanging LED wall Christmas tree from HomeZone. Made from natural wood, this type of tree is extremely eco-friendly. Plus, it comes with built-in LED lights that use minimal energy, perfect for these times where we need to look after our energy costs.

The best part is that it takes up almost no space at all. Perfect for small apartments or cramped rooms In Scandinavian and Nordic decor, trees are often decorated with simple ornaments and that will really stand out on this alternative take on a traditional Christmas tree. This holiday season, go for a wall hung tree to add some Scandinavian style to your home.

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Gnome Ornaments

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There is nothing more Scandi at Christmas than handmade Scandinavian Christmas decorations. If you are short on time however, then these knitted gnome ornaments from SKYLETY are as classic Scandinavian as you can get. These charming little figures are perfect for peeking out from the Christmas tree or hanging out by the mantelpiece. In Nordic countries, gnomes are believed to be helpful spirits that protect homes and farms. What better way to welcome good luck and fortune into your home this holiday season? Plus, these ornaments are so cute, you’ll want to keep them out all year round!

Paper Stars

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One of the most popular Scandinavian Christmas decorations is the paper start. Traditionally made from white paper, but you can use any coloured or recycled paper to make your own for the really authentic look. A simple, beautiful decoration hung in windows or on the tree, they make for a great afternoon activity with the family. If you’re short on time however, these nordic ornaments from AOMOWA will make for a great substitute. Simple, stylish design for a more pared down Scandinavian decor.

Snowy Wreath

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A Scandinavian Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some staple Scandinavian Christmas decorations. A beautiful, snow-dusted wreath. Whether hung on the front door to welcome you home or laid out on the mantle or table, Scandinavian wreaths are a beautiful and festive way to bring some nature into your décor. They tend to be adorned with pine cones and berries with a white tint to create an attractive and fragrant piece that lasts for several weeks. Dibor make some stunning wreaths in a large variety of colours, including this white wreath accented with some red berries. You can go a step further and decorate your own, maybe even with a few battery-operated lights to really let it sparkle.

Artificial Mini Christmas Trees

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Scandinavian interior design looks to incorporate natural materials wherever possible, so why not bring nature inside with a forest of your own! These festive little trees from YQing Scandinavian Christmas Decorations are perfect for creating a Scandinavian-inspired Christmas display, with the added benefit of no maintenance required. Simply place them either clustered together or around the house for that extra splash of colour and allow nature to embrace your home.

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations Garland

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A spread of Christmas garland is a very useful trick in Scandinavian Christmas décor. Scandinavian countries are abundant with evergreen, representing life and fertility which makes them the perfect symbol of hope and rebirth to use for decorating the home at Christmas. Evergreen garland is also very versatile, it can be hung or laid out on its own or adorned with decorations like candles, glass balls and wooden ornaments. Grab a couple of strips of simple garland and infuse your home with Scandinavian style and create a warm and inviting space for holiday entertaining.

Knitted Christmas Stockings

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Stockings over the fireplace is quintessential Christmas and Scandinavian Christmas is no different. Knitted stockings have a natural and rustic appearance which can elevate the hygge of any Christmas decorated mantelpiece. The simple one-tone design makes it easy to coordinate with your other Scandi decorations. Embroider the family names into them for the extra personal touch and your fireplace will be instagram-worthy this year. JaosWish stockings are proving very popular this year. They are stylish, well-made and excellent value. You’ve got the option of colours and size to fit any home.

Wooden Log Tea Light Holder

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Finally, for a Scandinavian Christmas decoration that is both stylish and practical, this wooden log tea light holder from HomeZone is just want you need. These rustic pieces add a touch of warmth to any room, are just quirky enough to be interesting and yet are very functional as a safe place to set your tea light candles. Combined with the warm, inviting ambience of the tea lights, this is sure to bring a bit of Scandinavian hygge to your home.


Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Scandinavian Christmas decorations are the perfect way to add a touch of hygge to your home this Christmas. From traditional Scandinavian gnomes to log tea light holders, these decorations will help you create a cozy and inviting space. So if you’re looking for a way to add some extra warmth to your home this holiday season, consider Scandinavian Christmas decorations.