Visit a Sámi Farm in Tromso
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Visit a Sami Farm in Tromso

Your trip to northern Norway stands incomplete without experiencing the indigenous Sámi culture. From ancient sounds to traditional handcrafts, the Sámi population of Norway has a unique lifestyle. And of course, not to forget the time-honored and enthralling reindeer culture. So, to say, visiting a Sami farm in Tromso is totally worth the hype.

Here’s a list of interesting things you can do to live the Sámi culture in Tromso,

1. Feeding the Arctic Reindeer Herd

An Arctic reindeer at a Sami farm in Tromso.

Visiting a reindeer farm in Tromso is the highlight of some of the best activities and excursions in Northern Norway. This ethical excursion will surprise you with the Sami culture and their relationship with the reindeer.

At the reindeer farm, you are sure to be moved by the calm and playful nature of up to 200 reindeer. Although, you will find them eager for food as soon as the feeding activity commences. But they will gently gather around the food buckets, thus, making it a charming vision to envy. As you scoop food from the bucket and feed these adorable creatures, there is no way you will not cherish the moment. Moreover, don’t forget to notice how each reindeer in the herd has a unique antler. Some of these delightful, sweet-natured creatures will have firm antlers while others will have smaller and softer ones. You will also have the chance to learn about the authentic culture and lifestyle of reindeer herders.

This winter activity at a Sami farm in Tromso is sure to give you an immersive experience of the magical Arctic. So, if your trip to Norway takes you to Tromso, do feed the reindeer and get close with the loveable herd.

2. Reindeer Sledding at Sami farm in Tromso

After you have met with the cheerful reindeer herd, it’s time for an enthralling sled ride. This tour is tailored for you to partake the real wilderness experience with the Sami people. And, the reindeer will be your guide through the Arctic north.

The sleigh ride will range between 15-30 mins, depending on the package you have booked. From magnificent valleys to the calm coast, your reindeer sledding will take you on a magical journey. However, reindeer sledding is only best done when there is enough snow. Therefore, you must only book a sled ride if you are traveling in winter. And if you book a nighttime adventure, this will surely be a cherry on top as you will get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights. What would be more picture-perfect than riding on a sled drawn by the reindeer under a sky with dancing Northern lights?

Most travelers describe their sledding experience to be inconceivable like it is from another world. This unforgettable sledding experience will end at a traditional Sami tent, called a lavvu.

3. Reindeer Camp Dinner under the Northern Lights

Gazing Northern lights above the reindeer camp in a Sami Farm in Tromso.

After a long day of exploring the Arctic region in Norway, your stomach will surely crave for freshly cooked warm meals. This evening experience will begin with a traditional Sami dinner. Cooked by the Sami reindeer herders, this dinner will capture the true essence of Sami culture. That is to say, that you will get a chance to indulge in a decadent three-course Sami cuisine.

Usually, this dinner starts off with a light appetizer. Mostly, a cold-smoked salmon. Then you will be served a rich reindeer Sami stew with vegetables for the main course. And to bring this classic email to end, a freshly baked Sami bread. This bread is locally referred to as ‘lefse’. And it is filled with butter and sugar. Thus, offering a delish sweet treat to your tastebuds. Isn’t this mouth-watering menu attracting you to visit a Sami farm in Tromso?

Over this dinner, your Sami hosts will keep you engaged with ancient stories from their age-old culture. Therefore, you will not only get to learn about their belief system but also manage to understand their connection with the Northern lights. And not to forget, if the sky is clear and luck sides you, then you manage to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights.

4. Sleeping in a traditional Sámi Lavvu at a Sami farm in Tromso

A traditional Sami Lavvo in Tromso under the midnight sky.

Experience a unique overnight stay at a traditional Sami lavvu. This lavvu is home to a reindeer hides in cozy winter-insulated sleeping bags. Thus, giving you a warm night’s sleep that you are sure to treasure for years to come.

This overnight experience will allow you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as you connect with the wilderness that surrounds you. That is to say, that your mind and soul will absorb the peace and majestic beauty of this place. And be sure to sneak out from your lavvu at midnight to enjoy a splendid view of the calm sky. So, make the most out of the night in this toasty lavvu as you sleep on reindeer skins.

After breakfast, the next morning, you will catch your bus back to the main city.

Away from the bustling metropolitan cities and breathtaking fjords, this getaway to the Scandinavian part of Norway is a must add to your bucket list. From marveling over the snow-adorned landscape of the Sami farm in Tromso to exploring the magnificent Sami culture, this visit will surprise you with a distinct side of Norway. Thus, you are sure to fall in love with the beauty and lifestyle of the semi-nomadic people of Norway. And of course, the reindeer will steal a piece of your heart as you bid the reindeer farm farewell until next time.