collage of nordic house designs

10 Best Nordic House Designs on Pinterest in 2023

Are you looking for the best Nordic house designs for inspiration? Look no further – Pinterest is filled with amazing house designs that can give your home the perfect Scandinavian flair! Here we will explore the top ten best Nordic house designs from this popular platform that are taking over in 2023. From classic wooden facades, simple lines and clean white shades, to natural lighting effects – these modern Scandinavian houses boast stunning interior and exterior aesthetics inspired by contemporary trends in Nordic design. Whether you’re an avid designer or simply someone who loves beautiful Nordic house designs – there’s something here for everyone! So let’s dive right in and check out what makes these incredible homes so special!

Nordic House Designs

Wooden Panelling

A great example of how versatile panelling can be. We love the extended panels down the stairs which creates a really cool divide to the transition to upstairs without blocking the view.

Monochrome colour scheme

A beautiful decor for modern scandinavian houses, the monochrome style here works really well with the spacious double height ceiling for a clean and minimal look that lets the residents breathe with space.

Natural materials

A lovely example of making use of natural materials. The extra light from the large windows allows the brick and wooden surfaces to really shine and soften the feel of the room.

Statement light fixture

When the layout is a bit smaller and simpler, bringing in a large main light into a Nordic house like this shade is a smart way to add focus and design into the room. Take a look at our Nordic lights guide for more inspiration.

Wall Art

Large blank walls, especially white, make it very difficult to create a cozy, hygge feeling to your home. Adding some Scandinavian wall art breaks up the wall and is a real hidden gem for elevating modern Scandinavian houses with a stylish interior. Take a look at some of our favourites here.

Split-level Nordic House Designs

More architecture than interior design for this one but if we love the effect having an open plan layout split between levels has on the flow of a house. If its in your budget and possible, it is well worth considering as it creates zones within zones without sacrificing usable space.

Industrial Decor

The industrial style branches off from the Nordic or Scandinavian design slightly but certainly keeps to a lot of the main principles and in this house it is a particularly impressive result. The natural tones and concrete running through is a great balance and a very desirable modern look.

Industrial Natural

Industrial isn’t all about black metals. This house is a Scandinavian triumph with its heavy use of concrete and glass throughout. The large tiles on the wall is very premium and the glass lighting hanging down is the perfect mesh between industrial and Scandi. Take a look at our glass lighting recommendations here.

Crittle Doors

Crittle doors is a great Nordic design choice. They add an element of sophistication to your home while still being visually striking and functional too. The use of glass allows for natural light to flow through while the frames offer a sense of privacy as well.

Creative Dividers

Open plan isn’t always perfect, even though it is the trendy choice for most modern Scandinavian houses. This means where your layout is set, you need to get creative with how we divide the space. This is a stunning example of dividing an open space. The brick construction becomes a feature in the room, and without closing off the whole space its created a wonderful little hygge spot to relax in.

All of these ten best Nordic house designs can make for a great starting point if you are in the process of designing your own home. Each design is unique and each manages to blend modern Scandinavian decor with other styles from around the world, creating a variety of bold yet elegant spaces. The use of natural materials such as timber, brick, stone and concrete can bring warmth and texture to any room.

Whether you prefer modern, traditional or even minimalist style interior design in your home, looking at Nordic design any will always be beneficial – it will never fail in giving you ideas for your space. So take some time to explore the ten best designs on Pinterest – who knows what design could be suitable for you? Which one is your favourite?